Applications: New terraces where the highest performances are expected.

Fix hollow tile with necessary slope to drain rain water. Plaster the surface with water proof compounds. Air circulation in hollow tiles is very much advantageous.

Apply Roof Tiles White Coat over the plastered surface of hollow tiles as below:

Coat I: 
Primer Coat: Mixture of grey cement and acrylic polymer with fine sand and PPF to be brushed.

Coat II: 
White Coat: Titanium mixed with Roof Tiles white powder and acrylic polymer, fine sand and PPF to be brushed on Primer Coat.

Coat III: 
White Coat: Titanium mixed with Roof Tiles White powder and acrylic polymer and PPF to be brushed on second coat.

Coat IV: 
Final protective coat of Roof Tiles Nano White to be applied on white coat.

Specifications are subject to change for improvement without any prior information.


  • Hollow tiles or Ac block is one of the best choices for heat control.
  • After fixing hollow tiles,  plaster the surface (half to one inch) with water proof compound.
  • Over the plastered surface, apply Roof Tiles White Coat as mentioned above.
  • Material and labor cost for four coats as above: Rs 35 per sq ft on plain area and parapet walls.
  • Under normal conditions and maintenance, expected life of white coat is over 5 years.
  • Roof Tiles gives warranty against peel off only.  The function of water proof will remain same.

Frequently Asked Questions

My house is 6 years old. Terrace is finished with red clay pressed tiles. Now lot of tiles are lifted, eroded, damaged, cracked and joints are open.
Hence severe leakage occurs. I want economical solution to solve my terrace issue.
I attach a photographs for your information.

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