Business Auxiliary Services

We do provide do Pre and Post Tile Fixing Services to support our clients in the following areas:

  • Water proofing services
  • Suggestion of chemicals and coatings etc.
  • Tile fixing services with warranty /AMC
  • White cool coat etc.

Consulting Engineer Services

We also undertake entire terrace work contract for new and old buildings. We provide R value suggestions as per IGBC / LEED norms, Insulative terraces etc. from concept to implementations.

Maintenance or Rectification services

Existing old and very old terraces:

Most of the terraces are fixed with clay tiles. Over a period of years, they require maintenance and rectification works. Problems/damages occur mainly due to

Problems/damages are mainly due to

* Unfired tiles which are washed away in rain's force over a period of times.

* Poor workmanship.

* Lack of awareness / maintenance in terrace. No one cares terraces until water mark is seen or damage occurs. By this time, steel might have corroded.

* Non availability of exclusive terrace service providers

* House owners prefer to take advice from experienced masons and masteries. But they don't realize the fact that even experienced masons cannot provide scientific solutions.

* Prevailing hardships/situations in flats/apartments where association takes care of maintenance. Every member brings unique idea of their own and finally flat owners immediately below the terrace would be the ultimate sufferers.

* Flat owners fail to consult a qualified Engineer or Architect or Professional Terrace Service Provider, fearing huge expenditure.

We , at Roofplus Technical Services can provide quality solution to all problems. Many house owners express their difficulty through our website. Their complaints include damage of clay tiles, water leakages and heat penetration into building.

About ECBC

As per the directions from The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) implementation of the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) for commercial buildings is mandatory. This rule is to be strictly adhered to in 8 states, including Delhi and Maharashtra from FY12.

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What is Cool Roof and its Advantages

The greatest advantage of Cool Roofs is its ability to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it. This ability to reflect sunlight preserves the buildings in a cooler condition and conserves energy which is normally spent through appliances to keep the building cool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My house is 6 years old. Terrace is finished with red clay pressed tiles. Now lot of tiles are lifted, eroded, damaged, cracked and joints are open.
Hence severe leakage occurs. I want economical solution to solve my terrace issue.
I attach a photographs for your information.

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