Our excel in the sale of temperature proof tiles and manufacture of heat resistant tiles ideal for terrace. These roof tiles are also moisture resistant with the capacity to withstand high temperature and adverse climatic conditions. As a results of deep research we could arrive at this quality brand Roofplus.

We are equipped with a strong team of dedicated marking associates in south india.

Roofplus could make a great impact in residential and commercial material distribution and sales. Through our expertise in conceptual design for roof/terrace we could earn a great reputation as pioneers in the field of Terrace Tile Manufacturing and Distribution. We have successfully sold more than 33,00,000 sqft in tamilnadu alone.

We have the pride of being the first company to co-relate S.R.I. Test for Ceramic Tiles (Solar Reflectance Index) and further co-related with Cool Roof. Our product could withstand three years of weather and could maintain SRI result taken after three years closer to the initial value. This is a testimony to the fact that our good quality resistant ceramic tiles could provide lifetime solution to the terrace under normal weather conditions.

We have been marketing Roofplus Weather Proof SRI Tiles from 2010.

Our motto

To get maximum benefit from our products, we do provide guidance in fixing methodology with user-friendly water proof system in different stages, at an affordable price.


Our quality tiles are arrived through Heat reflection ascertained through SRI Test, weather proof conforming to IS-102 standards, water proof using patented nano chemicals. Only through this quality standards and combination of materials we could provide SUSTAINABLE terrace. We assure you that such a quality product could never be achieved through normal manufacturing methods.

Taking a cue from our success and technological excellence, several manufacturers and dealers ranging from Properietory Firms to Corporate Companies have entered the field of Ceramic Tile Roof. There are attempts to copy and pirate our design. Fortunately we could take a precautionary measure by registering our design at the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks under the Designs Act 2000.

Roofplus is indigenously owned and operated to provide aesthetic at the same time sturdy designs to withstand weather conditions. Attractive white and mild pink, blue and green tiles provide aesthetic look.

The secret behind the quality of our product is that we procure chemicals from the most reputed manufactures.

Our Strength

Our productive interaction and collaboration with Architects, Designers, Contractors and individual Clients could earn us a well deserved reputation as True Professionals in the industry.

Sales through Roofplus websites could achieve tremendous response and positive feedback and encouragement. Readers and our existing clients are requested to share their experiences with others to support our genuine product.

Please go through our FAQ area to clarify your doubts.

About ECBC

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) today said that implementation of the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) for commercial buildings will be mandatory for eight states, including Delhi and Maharashtra, from FY 12.

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What is Cool Roof and its Advantages

Cool roofs reflect and emit the suns heat instead of absorb it. By reflecting the heat of the sun instead of absorbing it, they keep buildings cooler and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

My house is 6 years old. Terrace is finished with red clay pressed tiles. Now lot of tiles are lifted, eroded, damaged, cracked and joints are open.
Hence severe leakage occurs. I want economical solution to solve my terrace issue.
I attach a photographs for your information.

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